Macri destacó que la Argentina es uno de los países que más avanzó frente a los desafíos del cambio climático

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Macri calls for dialogue and consensus on moving Argentina forward

At a seminar entitled 'Democracia y Desarollo' at the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA) today, President Mauricio Macri called on all political forces involved in the upcoming elections to work on building longer term agreements to help Argentina move forward. “We cannot continue warring; nothing will come of it.”   

“Other countries around us have managed to achieve this, and so must we. I’ve never believed that political rifts are the answer.”

Talking to journalists, the president called for candidates to present clear proposals in their presidential campaigns. He welcomed Alberto Fernández’ acceptance of the need for fiscal balance and boosting exports, but called for further clarity from other members of his party.

Macri also expressed his conviction that the anger of voters in the 11 August primaries will, after reflection, be replaced with a different vision for today and tomorrow.

The president confirmed that there would be no further changes to his cabinet and that an IMF mission would be in Buenos Aires next week.

Audio of the speech (in Spanish) can be downloaded here:

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