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“French” and “Italian” Staircases

Both staircases lead to the first floor from the Hall of Honours. They maintain most of their original decor, including grey-veined Carrara marble balusters, mouldings, wall and ceiling ornaments.

The east-facing staircase known as the “French Staircase” or “Grand Staircase,” leads to the presidential sector. It was named after the tapestry on its landing, made by the Gobelins Manufactury, a gift from the Republic of France to Argentina, and depicts an equestrian figure of General San Martín, designed by painter Alfredo Roll (1911).

Facing west is the “Italian Staircase,” named after the marble and bronze plaque on its landing, a gift from the Kingdom of Italy to President Roque Sáenz Peña, symbolizing fraternity between the two nations.

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