214 years after the creation of the Argentine Army

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Created on 29 May 1810 by the First Patriotic Government, the Argentine Army is a force based on Sanmartinian values, trained and enlisted to contribute to national defence and protect our independence and sovereignty. Its formation 214 years ago was a fundamental milestone on the road to future independence.

Just a few days after the May Revolution, the First Government Junta created the army to organise the first defence units against the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata and to displace the Spanish authorities. By means of a proclamation, the Government recognised the work of the military troops during the revolutionary process, elevated the existing battalions to Regiments and reorganised the units throughout the territory, acknowledging the performance of the troops during that week of May, which was so transcendental for Argentine history. These decisions were essential for the future independence and the formation of the Army, the land branch of the Armed Forces, one of the executing arms of the National Defence System.

Today, the mission of the Argentine Army is to serve the Homeland, to contribute to national defence in order to protect our independence and sovereignty. In addition, its members are in charge of protecting natural resources, the environment and territorial integrity, as well as contributing to scientific, technological, economic and social development, cooperating for the achievement of the general welfare of the communities, and participating in peace and humanitarian assistance missions.

The Casa Rosada is home to the Regiment of Grenadiers on Horseback, specifically the Ayacucho Squadron, which belongs to the Argentine Army. Its mission is to provide security for the President, the highest investiture of the National Executive Branch, both in the Casa de Gobierno and in the Olivos Residence. They are also in charge of the custody of the remains of the Liberator General José de San Martín in the mausoleum in the Metropolitan Cathedral, the hoisting and lowering of the Official Flag of the Nation in the Plaza de Mayo and the participation in all ceremonial acts that take place in the Casa Rosada and in the Cathedral.

On the Day of the Argentine Army we salute, thank and acknowledge all those who are part of the institution, defend the sovereignty of the Nation and cooperate to achieve the general welfare of all Argentines.



214 years after the creation of the Argentine Army