May 7th: National Mining Day

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Every May 7, Mining Day is commemorated as a tribute to the first “Mining Development Law”, passed in 1813 by the Constituent Assembly, proposed by the Government Junta, which established the first regulatory framework for mining in our country and marked a milestone in the history of the Argentine economy.

Until then, the government had been devoting all its efforts and resources to the production of a primary economy made up of animal and vegetable goods. However, since this law was passed, the Executive promoted in-depth research on Argentina's capacity to develop the exploitation of natural resources of vital importance for the region's economy at a higher level.

In 1886, by means of Law No. 1919, the National Mining Code was created, which governs the rights, obligations and procedures related to the acquisition, exploitation and use of mineral substances.

This date was established as the “National Mining Day”, according to Decree 33,338 of December 20, 1945. The responsible exploitation of these resources through developed and sustained projects is one of the keys that open the way to the economic growth of the Nation.

Mining, also known as the mother of industries, is a strategic growth factor and a source of progress. Our country has great natural resources that open unlimited productive possibilities. In this sense, the National Government is promoting the Incentive Regime for Large Investments (RIGI), one of the chapters of the Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines that will bring relief to the tax burden for the realization of large-scale mining projects.


May 7th: National Mining Day