145 years since the Campaña del Desierto

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On April 16, 1879, the so-called "Campaña del Desierto" began, a series of military expeditions undertaken by the Argentine government between 1878 and 1885 with the aim of expanding the national territory towards the south and controlling the lands inhabited by the indigenous peoples.

In a broader historical sense, the term includes the campaigns prior to the Conquest of the Desert, that is, the set of military expeditions carried out by the national and provincial governments that took place before the great campaign of 1879.

The Campaña del Desierto was led by the hero Julio Argentino Roca, who served as Minister of War and Navy during the government of Nicolás Avellaneda, and advanced towards the south of the country with the aim of extending the national territory, civilizing and pacifying. This resulted in the conquest and annexation of vast territories, including the Patagonia region.

The Campaña del Desierto had a lasting impact on Argentine society: the expansion of the national territory to the south led to the consolidation of the Argentine state.

The Campaña del Desierto is a decisive military epic event in the formation of the modern Argentine state, territory and population.


145 years since the Campaña del Desierto
145 years since the Campaña del Desierto