14 April: Day of the Americas

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Today, 14 April, is Americas Day throughout the Americas, an emblematic date that commemorates the unity among the nations that make up this vast region.

The date was established in 1931 and was chosen since the International Union of American Republics and its permanent secretariat, the Commercial Bureau of the American Republics, were created in 1890. These gave way to the Pan-American Union and finally to the current Organisation of American States (OAS) created in 1948.

Today, the OAS brings together 35 countries, of which the Argentine Republic is a member. This organisation aims to be a political forum for decision-making, multilateral dialogue and the integration of the Americas. It also watches over democracy and the respect of institutions in the continent, condemning, when appropriate, American countries that fall into the hands of tyrannies.

The OAS has its own anthem, the "Hymn of the Americas", composed by the Argentine pianist and composer Rodolfo Sciammarella (1902-1973).

As a member of the OAS, Argentina is committed to being a force for the promotion and safeguarding of fundamental rights, such as life, liberty and respect for private property. That is why, on Americas Day, this Government reaffirms its commitment and calls on all countries of the continent to condemn dictatorial governments in the region.


14 April: Day of the Americas