President Javier Milei announced the economic deregulation decree

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President Javier Milei signed a Decree of Necessity and Urgency containing reforms that will begin to unravel the oppressive legal and institutional scaffolding that has destroyed our country's economy.

The underlying problem is the fiscal deficit; politics spends more than it has. Instead of solving the problem at source, previous governments have resorted to patching things up, raising taxes, inventing regulations, taking on debt or issuing currency. In this way, they have made the problem worse rather than solving it, with the result that 6 out of 10 children aged 0-14 are poor.

For this reason, a Stabilisation Plan will be implemented to put an end to the fiscal deficit and deregulation of the economy will be carried out to get the state off the backs of the people and reverse the trend that is mortgaging our future.

In this framework, the President announced that extraordinary sessions will be called in the National Congress to deal with a package of laws that will allow progress in the process of change that society has chosen, in a context of crisis that requires immediate action.

Therefore, the deputies and senators of the Nation will have to face the historic responsibility of choosing between being part of this change or obstructing the most ambitious reform project of the last 40 years, which will allow the productive forces to be set in motion and start on the road to becoming a world power once again.


President Javier Milei announced the economic deregulation decree