Government announces new protocol for practices on legal abortions

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This afternoon at the Casa Rosada, President Alberto Fernández met with the Minister for Health, Ginés González García, and the Minister for Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, to discuss the new protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to a legal termination of their pregnancy, that will be published tomorrow in the Official Gazette.

As explained by Health Minister González García in a press conference after the meeting, the protocol updates current guidelines to take into account recent changes in Argentine legislation, such as the new Civil Code of 2015, as well as updates to international standards such as those set by the World Health Organization (WHO), based on new scientific knowledge. 

The protocol seeks to guarantee the sexual and reproductive rights of people and the rights of patients, protect and accompany the health practitioners responsible for caring for the population, and bring best practices to people most in need, based on current legislation.

The protocol draws on the best available scientific evidence, and on the experience of implementing previous versions of national and provincial protocols.

"This protocol gives us a medical instrument to comply with the law and protect people who unfortunately are in a situation of legal termination of pregnancy," said Minister González García.

"We are respectful of conscientious objection," he added, "but it cannot be used as an institutional justification that leads to incompliance with the law."




Government announces new protocol for practices on legal abortions