Fernández receives US delegation

The President met with US Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Michael Kozak

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President Alberto Fernández and Michael Kozak, the United States' Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, agreed today in a meeting at the Casa Rosada to create a permanent consultation system to coordinate activities between the two countries. 

The State Department official praised the president's inauguration speech to Congress yesterday, and reiterated the messages of support vis-á-vis negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) given by President Trump in a recent telephone conversation with Fernández.

In addition, Kozak invited Fernández to Washington on 17 December to take part in an event on oil. Fernández promised to send a delegation from the Argentine government. 

Present at the meeting were Argentina's Foreign Minister, Felipe Solá; Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Béliz; and politician and diplomat, Jorge Argüello. Besides Kozak, the US delegation consisted of US Ambassador to Argentina, Edward Prado; and advisors Chris Andino and Mariju Bofill.


Fernández receives US delegation