Macri at Mercosur Summit: "We must continue pursuing global integration"

President Macri spoke at the Summit of Mercosur Heads of State, in Bento Goncalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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At the Summit of Mercosur Heads of State, held in Bento Goncalves, in the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul, President Macri called on the regional trade bloc to continue negotiating agreements to "increase the competitiveness and participation of our economies in trade and investment flows."

"We must not be afraid," he said, "we must continue pursuing global integration."

The event brought together the leaders of the four-country trade bloc: President Macri; President of Brazil and current Mercosur President, Jair Bolsonaro; President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo; and Vice President of Uruguay, Lucia Topolansky.

"Over the last few years we have created in Mercosur a space for understanding, consolidation and dynamism that should not be abandoned," Macri said, adding that "the direct, transparent and trustworthy relationship" consolidated between the countries has led to "concrete actions and achievements for the benefit of our people and of regional production."

Warning that the region is going through a period of "convulsions and tensions," he expressed his conviction that "in democracy, problems are solved with more democracy and more dialogue".

"We are closely following what is happening in our sister country, Bolivia," he added. "Elections are the only way to channel the will of the Bolivian people, and the mechanisms provided for in its Constitution are what will allow for a resolution to the current situation."

He also reiterated his solidarity "with the Venezuelan people in the face of the dictator Maduro's violations and abuses which are still ongoing and causing severe humanitarian and health issues."

"I hope we will continue to fight together so that democracy will be restored as soon as possible to our beloved Venezuela," Macri said.

With respect to the situation in Chile, Macri said: "we support the fullness of the democratic exercise with which social demands are being addressed, promoting dialogue between political forces and representative sectors."

"And we repudiate the use of anarchic violence, which is not part of the democratic life of a nation," he warned.

Alluding to the future challenges of the bloc, Macri said that Mercosur must "continue building regional value chains and a large Latin American economic area." He recommended continuing and strengthening the policies of the last four years that looked towards covergence with the Pacific Alliance.

"I am convinced that there is no future for Argentina or for any country in the region without intelligent integration. Argentina must carry this forward from within Mercosur, along with Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay," he said.

"As we integrate more and more with with one other and with the world, we will have greater global opportunities for our talent and our people."


Macri at Mercosur Summit: We must continue pursuing global integration
Macri at Mercosur Summit: We must continue pursuing global integration