Mauricio Macri: “The G20 is a common space for dialogue and working collaboratively”

At a press conference, the Argentine President summarized the declaration endorsed by all leaders at the G20 Summit and emphasized the support the international community is giving to Argentina.

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The G20 Leaders' Summit concluded today in Buenos Aires with a press conference given by Argentine President Mauricio Macri. After two days of working sessions, the Summit’s host relayed the main points of the declaration agreed by consensus, saying: “Today we have an Argentina more connected to the world than ever before.”

Ten years on from the first Leaders’ Summit, Macri stated that the G20 is “a common space for dialogue and working collaboratively,” and that the responsibility of the Argentine presidency was to “reach consensus.” He thanked all delegates and countries who participated in the G20 over the last year, and highlighted “the level of coordination and agreement at a time of much global tension.”

With respect to trade, the host president said that “what is being proposed is trade that is fair. And Argentina is the first country to believe that after so many years of isolation, our entire future is about trading, about connecting as many countries as possible.”

The Argentine President also spoke about climate change: “We agreed that every one of us has to continue addressing their commitments giving strong support to renewable energies, a sector in which Argentina is betting heavily.”

Macri then summarized the agreements made on the future of work, one of the priorities of the Argentine presidency. “We are facing a technological revolution that is leading to the disappearance of certain types of job and replacing them with new ones, something which requires us to understand that we are going to have to be trained several times throughout our lives,” he said.

In the 80 plus working meetings of the G20 2018, the Argentine presidency pushed forward a gender mainstreaming strategy. Macri celebrated the consensus on the empowerment of women, “not only because it is just, but because of the opportunity for growth and development.” He indicated that “for mass female inclusion, including from a financial perspective, digital inclusion will boost the growth of our countries and societies.”  

“There were advances in understanding the importance of infrastructure. Without both physical and virtual infrastructure, there is no fairness, no inclusion. We are looking for new mechanisms, superior assets to promote investment in infrastructure,” stated Macri, in reference to another of the priorities of the Argentine presidency. He then moved on to call for the need to deter corruption.

Argentina, connected to the world

President Macri said the Leader’s Summit in Buenos Aires has come about at a time of global insertion for Argentina. "Today Argentina is more connected to the world as ever before.”

“Today we truly are part of the world; the world has given us a place, the world is interested, the world wants to participate, the world wants to join us, and we Argentines are delighted about the opportunities that are opening up to us.”

Access the full video of the press conference.

About the G20

The G20 started out in 1999 as a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors. In 2008, amidst the global financial crisis, it evolved into what it is today: a major forum for dialogue and decision-making attended by world leaders from vital economies. Together, the G20 members represent 85% of global GDP, two-thirds of the world’s population, and 75% of international trade.



Mauricio Macri: “The G20 is a common space for dialogue and working collaboratively”