Argentina to receive almost US$2 billion in tourism investment

Authorities of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) made the announcement to President Macri during the forum’s annual meeting in Buenos Aires.

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The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) announced today that Argentina will receive almost US$2 billion in the coming years to develop the tourism sector. The news was delivered to President Mauricio Macri during the forum’s annual Global Summit taking place in Buenos Aires.

In addition, 13 hotel chains said they are willing to build infrastructure to receive tourists, which will ensure greater development of the sector.

Before an audience of more than 800 executive leaders and ministers from G20 countries at the Hilton Hotel, President Macri emphasized that tourism in the country “is growing nonstop” and that the sector “has huge potential in Argentina and is essential to people’s development,” because it means “more quality jobs.”

Argentina “has returned to the world convinced that it has a lot to offer. It wants to receive everyone and give them our warmth and affection. Tourism is development; it is giving us the opportunity to make a real transformation in thousands of towns and cities across Argentina,” stated the president.

“The number of foreign tourists has been growing uninterruptedly for a year,” he continued. “All over the world they are beginning to look at Argentina as an attractive and interesting destination.” President Macri pointed out that flights and hotel occupancy, a sector that has been growing for 18 months, have both broken records.

“As you know, in Argentina, as in the whole world, there are magical, unique places, and we want to share them because we know that by opening our doors and welcoming all those who want to visit us, we are getting closer and closer to the dream of a more open, plural and prosperous country.”

Finally, the president underscored the natural wonders of the country, mentioning Iguazu Falls, the glaciers, the Patagonian beaches, the valleys and the Quebrada de Humahuaca, while noting that people here carry hospitality “in their blood.”

After announcing the investments, Christopher Nassetta, Chairman of the WTTC, said that the group “could not be more satisfied to be the immediate witnesses of the benefits of the investments that are taking place” in Argentina.

The WTTC, which recognized Macri for “his leadership and commitment to boost tourism as a key sector of the national economy, generating jobs and prosperity for millions of Argentines,” highlighted the programmes implemented by the actual government. According to Nassetta, they “have helped stabilize the economy and have a clear message that, after many years of protectionist policies, Argentina is more open than ever to business opportunities, a positive step for tourism.”

The annual WTTC summit, which ends tomorrow, is being held for the first time in South America and aims to raise awareness of the industry and promote future investments through private enterprises around the world.


Argentina to receive almost US$2 billion in tourism investment
Argentina to receive almost US$2 billion in tourism investment
Argentina to receive almost US$2 billion in tourism investment